Background Plans

Ok so you guys are going to start in the peaceful town of Whisperoak. But, how did you get there?

You can come up with any town names or anything from the map for your backgrounds, just let me know your town names so that I can add them. The thing that both of you have to understand is that your characters are level 1. They have skills, but they are on the level of extraordinary citizens, not heroes; yet… They should be like an apprentice that ran away to experience the world, or something like that. Not a hero that has killed hundreds on the field of battle. Now I’m going to give a few little background tidbits that you guys should think about.

  1. First, you guys should have met sometime in the past, separated for some reason, and now recently you are traveling together again.
  2. One of you could have settled down in Whisperoak, and the other (itching for adventure) comes to town as a surprise.
  3. You two are Mercenaries, traveling into town to see if anyone needs help

There are many different ways to go about it, but these are just idea starters.

One other thing, when you guys get the chance, send me an e-mail with 3 – 5 things that you would like to see happen sometime during the campaign. For example,

  • fight a dragon
  • change race/gender due to a magic spell
  • fight in a naval battle
  • get a pet of some sort
  • interact with Drizzt (hehe)

You guys get the idea, hit me up if you have any questions!

Background Plans

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